Postage Stamp Quilt

So I’ve neglected this blog for the past few months. I’ve got a new job! Start next Wednesday! I’ve made a few things. Nash has had a few adventures… But the biggest accomplishment since the last post has been my insane adventure of making a postage stamp quilt! (Well, it’s just a quilt top right now, but hand quilting a queen bedspread may take awhile.)
I was inspired by another creation of mine that lives on Nash’s bed:


So here is that adventure in pictures:















So I started with a million 3″ squares.
Sewed half a million pairs together.
Sewed a quarter million 4 patches.
So on and sew forth.
The final quilt is queen comforter sized: about 80″ by 100″
or 32 by 40 squares …. 1280 squares in the top.
I had some leftovers, and, not wanting to return them to the scrap heap, I made some pillow cases:


Just 224 squares of leftovers. They made 2 – 20″ by 20″ throw pillow covers, 1 standard pillow cover, and one cute and tiny stuffed pillow!

I am actually very excited about hand quilting this one! Though I hope to thoroughly enjoy the hand quilting, I also wish it was done, and I could just throw them all on my bed to enjoy!


Not much

While I’ve been working quite a bit, not much has been going on. It’s been chilly and rainy. Nash has been painting and coloring with his birthday presents, and I finished a crochet rag rug and the blue jean quilt. Here’s a bunch of pictures.



Busy birthday weekend!

So, Nash had already opened his presents from out of town. He spent much of Saturday painting and coloring while I planned out a blue jean quilt. Saturday evening we stopped by Walmart and got Nash part of his birthday present from grandpa: new ear muffs for the races! Then we surprised him with a trip down to Greenville! Nash had a good time at the races, even though he decided to take a trip to the potty every other race; I never knew the bathroom could be so interesting!

On his birthday, Sunday, we baked a whole bunch of cookies! Chocolate chip and sugar cookies. The chocolate chip cookies will not make it to school today, because Nash kept sneaking them! There are none left now, from a batch of 36! The sugar cookies made about 30, and I practically crushed up 3 of them while icing, so 27 will make it to school. Between the two classes there are 24 students and 2 teachers, so I’ll even get one this afternoon! I let Nash pick out the icing and sprinkles, and he helped me dish the dough onto the pans and put the sprinkles on them! I think he did a pretty good job!


These delicious concoctions will be going to school for snack time! Until then, I have some sewing to do!

I’ve been working on a blue jean rag quilt. I’ve done quite a bit of sewing on it already. Two blocks are finished! I should have it done in a day or two. The back side is completely random, as I’m using the cotton front fabrics to decide where stuff goes. Already one of my back four patches is alternating dark light; I wonder if that will happen again!

I used several pair of old blue jeans that had seen their last day. I may use more, once I see how big it is. I ripped a bunch of seams, so some of the squares have two tones from where pockets used to be, some of the squares are even made from pockets! A couple squares have hem line fading, which looks really interesting! I can’t wait to see this one finished, even though I love putting it together!





Nash got his birthday presents!

Nash now has an art set with crayons, markers, colored pencils, and water colors!


He also has a noisy color wonder marker set!


He colored this great picture with me! I was told to color the beach ball and sun, Nash did the rest!


He is loving his new art stuff! I’m glad he asked the aunts and uncles for it!

Dad and I am taking him to the races tomorrow for his birthday! He had so much fun last weekend, but he was upset by the rather intense volume. We are bringing him some ear muffs for tomorrow. Hopefully he can enjoy it even more with some ear protection!

Buttered toast. A random bit about quilting.

So as I was “quilting” a summer blanket, I had a thought. I was thinking about quilts in general, and how most people would not call my current project a “quilt.” Why is it not a quilt? Well, I don’t use batting in my summer quilts. I don’t like the heat of it, but I love the look. So here I am quilting away at my large log cabin, but it’s not a “quilt.” Quilts are made of “quilt sandwiches,” you know: top, batting, and backing. Now I love a good grilled cheese, and maybe even some chicken salad on rye, but I also love garlic bread and buttered toast. So my random thought today… “I’m quilting me some buttered toast!”



My beautiful soon to be toasty pillow sham.

Great weekend

Saturday, Nash and I went to my cousin’s wedding! Jeans and nice shirts. Bride wore a simple pale blue dress, Derek wore a blue collared shirt and jeans. A really simple, laid back affair, it was a lot of fun! Nash had fun playing with his cousins at the church park.

Afterwards we went to the races down in Greenville! Nash had a blast. He was upset about how loud it was, but said he really really really wants to go again! Next time we’ll bring him some ear plugs.

I started a new quilt. Green and blue squares in the middle with a log cabin around, pictures soon.

I found some cute John Deere fabric for a little boy quilt! Half off, and over a yard, I couldn’t resist.

Childhood is Awesome!

Nash got his sticker for good behavior at school today! He was rewarded with 2 gum balls from the Lucky station in town. He also found a $5 lottery ticket on the ground! Lucky kid! When we got home, we did some laundry, tended the plants, and played outside. I’d say Nash had a blast playing on his tire swing! Such a joyous afternoon appreciating little things and little moments!
The picture of his feet: a couple days ago he found my liquid eyeliner, thought it was nail polish, and proceeded to paint his toenails! Some has yet to wash off!
The morning glories in our tree stump are just starting to sprout! Nash is really excited about his “climbers!”